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Insiders Melbourne -- November 2011 in Melbourne
November 02, 2011

Melbourne in November

Welcome to Insiders Melbourne for November! Still hovering around winter weather, which no doubt will suddenly turn into summer!

After the super-busy last few months with major art and sporting events, and the spring season almost behind us, there is a bit of a lull in the major Melbourne events calendar.

But this is misleading as the busy schedule of smaller community activities continues.

Night Markets Melbourne

A popular Melbourne pastime is spending an evening at a Melbourne Night Market. These are emerging out of hibernation as it is getting warmer. They provide a relaxing atmosphere, live music, good food and company, unique market stalls for a relaxing night out.

The Suzuki night market is on Wednesday nights and starts on November 16 at the Queen Vic Markets.

The South Melbourne Night Market was the first yearly night market running this year. It is on til the end of this month and has a refreshing fashion, art and designer bent.

The Abbotsford Convent Supper Market and the Kris Kringle Night Market at Northcote follow in December. There are also some regional night markets, as well as an all year round monthly night market at Chinatown.

Walk Like an Egyptian

If you were meant to see the Tutankhamen exhibition at the Melbourne Museum and still haven’t made it yet, you can still visit it until December 4! It does not appear to be as booked out anymore and is probably less crowded – till the last minute rush anyway.

Sailing World Cup

From November 6, for a whole week, you can take the family to the celebrations of the Sailing World Cup, hosted by the Sandringham Yacht Club. Australia is one of seven countries that host this event that will bring the sailing community and the world’s best sailors to Melbourne.

You’ll get to see world-class Olympic sailing. It is also a chance to engage in the sailing lifestyle, indulge in fine wines and great food, and entertainment - and hopefully good weather.


The Queenscliff music Festival is no doubt a hot Melbourne tip. It brings the best of past, present and future Australian and world music to Queenscliffe, at the bottom of Port Phillip Bay.

You will be able to see the Bamboos, Charles Walker, Chrisine Anu, Blackeyed Susan, and even Richard Clapton, just to name a few. It is on over the weekend, from November 25-27.

Bike Paths Melbourne

Yes, they are too crowded and in peak hour can resemble highways on which one bike rider after the other pushing to get home. Buy nevertheless, they are mostly not like this and are great assets for our city! There are bike path virtually connecting any place with any other, at least around the inner city suburbs.

The other day we rode from Brunswick to Williamstown for sunset dinner at Nelson place – and only had to cross one road (with traffic lights). The rest of the trip was on off-road bike paths. You get to see a lot more riding, like the memorial at Westgate Bridge, containers being unloaded at the docks… Definitely great exercise and entertainment.

These are some of the November things to do in Melbourne. We'd love to hear from you what you would like to see here.

With all the best Wishes

for the We Love Melbourne team

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