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Insiders Melbourne -- September 2011 in Melbourne
September 01, 2011

What’s on
in Melbourne in September

It is springtime in Melbourne: warm days, cold nights, T-shirts, shorts and winter coats! Melbourne is waking up to the non-stop celebrations of the next few months. Here are some interesting highlights of the Melbourne events in September 2011:

Music, Arts and Community

Darebin Music Festival

The Darebin Music Festival is a community festival celebrating local and very talented community artists. There are lots of free and low priced performances in venues around Northcote and Darebin. It is a great place to soak up the community spirit, connect and enjoy great music. September 3-18.

Monsalvat Jazz Festival

In the tradition of cool jazz, in a range of many styles, this festival features some of the finest Australian jazz performers, creating a pleasant Sunday afternoon and evening in the picturesque artist colony of Monsalvat.

Great place to relax: New Orlean tunes, contemporary music making, spontaneous Jazz, old school, new school, hip and classy beat and riffs. September 18, at Monsalvat in Eltham. Monsalvat Jazz Festival

Melbourne Fringe Festival

This is an unconventional quirky Melbourne arts festival, a city-wide celebration of independent creativity and the thriving, vibrant and diverse Melbourne arts scene.

There will be hundreds of shows with thousands of artists, presenting the most vibrant theatre and music, eccentric cabaret and comedy, avant-garde dance, visual and digital arts and circus performances. September 21 to October 9. Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Melbourne International Festival of Brass

The Melbourne International Festival of Brass: A week of Jazz, trumpets, tubas, trombones, horns and more. This festival aims to inspire and renew explorations into Brass music making.

In its 9th year, it brings a high caliber of local and international artists with a unique range of instruments, styles, educational programs and concerts to Melbourne. September 25 to October 1. Festival of Brass

The Conventional

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

At this annual celebration of fashion in Melbourne you get to see our best Australian fashion designers, labels, styles and retailers in runway shows, fashion parades, exhibitions, film screenings, and get to take part in workshops, celebrations and plenty of parties.

To mingle with the who-is-who of the Melbourne Fashionista and celebrate the Melbourne style, shopping and fashion, head for the Melbourne Town Hall, September 5-11. Melbourne Fashion Week

The Footy

The AFL finals are upon us this month with the first eight teams, which have emerged out of the 24 rounds of footy games, competing for a place and the cup of the grand final. The Grand Final is held on October 1st at the MCG and amounts to something like a public holiday in Melbourne, eg. The streets will be empty that Saturday afternoon with people gathered all over town to watch THE game. Australian Football League

The Unconventional

Juggling Convention

For something different, the Melbourne Juggling Convention, the largest juggling event in Australia, is in its 5th year in Melbourne. It attracts around a thousand participants from all over the world in performances, public and professional workshops, forums and games. All ages welcome! September 17-20, in Collingwood. The Juggling Convention

Kids and Family

The Classic Series

The Classic series of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is presenting Movement Makes Music in collaboration with The Australian Ballet Dance Education Ensemble. An opportunity to soak up great music making for up to 7 year olds and their families! September 17. You will need to book tickets with the MSO.

The Royal Melbourne Show

This is a place you’ll want to bring a wad of money to: Horses, Alpacas, Cattle, Dogs, Goats, Sheep, Poultry, Fleece and the Woodchop, Arts and Crafts, food and wine, RIDES upon RIDES, Grand Arena entertainment, games, competitions and displays, bringing country extravaganza to the city. September 24 to October 4, at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Featured Melbourne Activity

Melbourne Ballooning

Melbourne Australia is the largest city in the world where passenger hot air balloons are able to fly over the city and suburbs! You might have seen them glide over the city in the early mornings.

They fly every few days in September. Early spring is a beautiful time to do it while the air is still crisp and the views are clear. It does not actually get cold up there because of the burners, and you won’t feel any wind while you glide with it. It is must-at-least-do-once treat of a lifetime! Ballooning Melbourne

These are some of the Melbourne events in September 2011!

With all the best Wishes

for the We Love Melbourne team

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