Australia Business Visa - Businesses for Sale in Melbourne

An Australia Business Visa may be an option for you, if you have, like me, fallen in love with Melbourne and want to live here. There are no age restrictions on this visa.

You can apply for it if you are planning to establish, manage or develop either a new or an existing business, or are interested in investing in Australia.

Melbourne Victoria is booming, short of skilled people and is looking for business investment.

Melbourne is attractive as it generally provides a higher standard of living than the other major cities because of lower housing, inflation and unemployment rates.

Coming from Europe, I have found it incredibly easy to start a business here. All you need is a good idea, an ABN (Australian business number), a bank account, phone number, and determination …. And off you go. If you really want to do something, Australia is still a land of opportunity.

Another way of starting a business is to check out businesses for sale in Melbourne. There are always opportunities to take over some business that is not running well due to lack of good management, and turn it into a profitable venture.

To get an Business Visa you will need to demonstrate that you have a successful business career and a genuine and realistic commitment to be involved as an owner in a new or existing business in Australia.

Apply here for a Provisional Business Development Visa.

If it goes well you can later apply for permanent residence once you have established the required level of business.

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