What's on in Melbourne?

If I told you everything there was to do in Melbourne, this list would probably read on too long, plus where would the adventure lie in getting told everything to do anyway!?

The variety of events is what makes Melbourne the vibrant and high spirited city it is known to be.

Whether you are interested in the arts, sport, exhibitions or festivals, you will not run out of things to do in Melbourne. But part of getting in touch with Melbourne is going out and just exploring. Venture into the city and walk through all the lanes and get to know it. Get breakfast in Fitzroy and talk to the locals, they know best.

Here's a monthly planner to help you on your way:

Brighton Beach Huts Melbourne
   What's on: January
St Kilda Festival
  What's on: February
St Kilda Festival
   What's on: March
What's on: April
What's on: May
street art
What's on: June
Melbourne Show
What's on: July
Melbourne coffee
What's on: August
Melbourne Show
What's on: September
Melbourne Cup Hats
   What's on: October
Melbourne Festival
What's on: November
Melbourne Chrismas Spirit
What's on: December

What's on in Melbourne: Mainstream Arts Events

Melbourne delivers an abundance of local and international arts events. We get a series of theatre, ballet, symphony and opera, as well as popular international entertainers at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

The National Gallery of Victoria hosts some major international exhibitions each year, as well as a regular range of talks, exhibitions and performance events.

 Melbourne arts events

An Australian section in the Federation Square complex holds the greatest collection of Australian Art, and an International gallery on St Kilda Road.

There are also hundreds of Art galleries in Melbourne exhibiting the work of well-known and emerging local, Australian and International artists. These are the sorts of galleries that are generally spread through word of mouth, but usually hold the most amazing art.

Family Events in Melbourne

Melbourne is also loved for it sports. Melbourne sports have undoubtedly shaped life in Melbourne, and with its major sports events such as the Australian Open, the Melbourne Cup and the AFL season, there is always some thrilling action happening somewhere.

 Melbourne event

The City of Melbourne organises a range of well-loved community festivities throughout the year that are loved by many families, with the Moomba Waterfest being the most popular.

The Melbourne Museum puts on annual blockbuster exhibitions that give you insights into other times, worlds and places.

Then there are the movies, with a range of independent Melbourne cinemas that are cherished by many Melbournians.

Melbourne Insider Culture and Events

It's hard to give justice to what's on in Melbourne, especially in the arts. Firstly, there is too much to list here. Secondly, the Melbourne arts and music scene is organic and community based. A lot of it is far from mainstream, and takes place in small performance venues where it is passed on by word of mouth.

 Melbourne performance

While we list the major Melbourne arts events here, there are always many smaller exhibitons, events and gigs happening around town. There are numerous Melbourne theatres, performance and exhibition spaces throughout the inner suburbs of Melbourne, as well as bars and other live music venues.

It is these that give Melbourne its special flavour. To find out what's on in Melbourne from day to day, please check Beat.com.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of What's on in Melbourne. The Melbourne that we know comes to live in its many community events, bars and live performances, which are too numerous to be listed here.

Go out and talk to some people, because that's the best way to learn about the exclusive side of this city. If you have any specific questions, please do contact us and we'll try our best to help you.

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