Visa Australia -
Visit, Live or Work in Melbourne

No matter what your purpose for your Australian visit, you will need and visa Australia.

There are various types of Australia Visa – depending on whether you want to travel and visit Melbourne Australia as a tourist, whether you are an overseas student, or a skilled migrant, or a business person looking to invest in Melbourne.

Tourist Visa

As a tourist, things are relatively easy. You will still need a visa and go through immigration at the airport. Australia is protective of its borders. It’s not quite as effortless as driving across Europe.

There is also a difference, depending which country you are from. Here is how to get an Tourist Visa Australia.

Working Holiday Visa

If you are aged 18-30 and from one of the 22 countries that are involved in a Working Holiday exchange with Australia, you are eligible for a Working Holiday Australian Visa.

This enables you to stay for up to 12 months and engage in and supplement your travel funds with incidental employment.

It’s a great way of experiencing Australia and Melbourne, and to get immersed in the local life. Here is more on the Australia Working Holiday Visa and jobs in Melbourne.

Skilled Migration Program

Australia and Victoria are currently encouraging skilled migration as we have a shortage of skilled workers throughout many industries.

If your English is good, if you are aged 18-45, and skilled and experienced in one of the industries required, you can get sponsored into the skilled migration program.

The list of demanded skills is long. Doctors and Nurses are in especially needed and wanted. In some professions you are required to work in Regional Australia for a few years before you are free to move to the more popular cities such as Melbourne.

Here is more on the skilled migration program and the Australia Working Visa.

Australian Visa for Business

Another way of living in Melbourne Australia is by getting an Australia Business Visa. You can be older than 45 for this one!

Victoria is sponsoring people who are establishing, managing or developing a new or existing business, or who are investing in Australia.

While many Australian cities are attractive, Victoria is booming (and short of skilled people). It generally provides a higher standard of living because of lower housing, inflation and unemployment rates.

Other Australian Visa

Then there are the Investor Retirement Visa, Employer Sponsored Visa, and Student Visa...

Here is an important point: Don't give up! Immigration laws and their amendments comprise a thick book and no immigration officer could possibly know them all. Sometimes it is just the matter of finding the right clause. If it does not work out easily for you, get some help from some professional visa adviser.

All in all, there are many possibilities to make it go right and get a visa Australia, and to visit or settle in Melbourne and enjoy are this most liveable city first hand.

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