Australian Slang a - Unique Australian Language

Australian slang is something unique.

It has its roots in Cockney English mixed with Aboriginal sounds, some Chinese expressions – add to this the development of the Australian language over the last 230 years or so and you get very unique language.

Australian (pronounced Austraaaalian, with the 'a' sounding like the 'a' in 'bar') is a rhythmic somewhat nasal slang with many funny expressions and idiosyncrasies.

While the cities have become sophisticated and you hear less slang there, there is still a lot of it in the outer areas and in the bush and outback.

An Austraaaalian greeting is “how are you, love”. When I first came here, I endeavoured to tell them how I was after this question, but quickly found out that no one really wanted to know and gave me nothing but blank stares.

A Guide to Australian Slang and Expressions

Here is a quick guide to some unique Australian expressions.

A universal friendly greeting is g'day (good day). Mate (buddy) is used in a greeting just about anyone, while Onya (good on you) is a friendly encouragement.

You might want to travel off the beaten track (away from the main traffic) to avoid civilisation, go swimming in your bathers (swimming costume), and when you are zonked (exhausted), call it a day (stop work) and hit the sack (go to sleep).

If you are very annoyed you are cheesed off and may call it quits (stop trying to do something)– or if it's really bad kick the bucket (die).

In Australia we like to give people a fair go (an equal opportunity) and have been proud of our battlers(someone who works hard, struggling financially, against the odds). We have been cutting down tall poppies (a successful achievers)- but are getting better at celebrating excellence.

At the end of the day you might have tea (the evening main meal) with heaps (a lot) of veggies (vegetables) and flake (fillets of shark meat) and a good old yack (a talk).You can get more Aussie slang, but this here should keep you going through your Melbourne holidays.

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