Easy Airport Transfers with the Melbourne Airport Shuttle

The Melbourne Airport Shuttle is an inexpensive, first class, and convenient transfer service from Tullamarine airport directly to your hotel. It saves you the hassle of changing buses, waiting for connections or having to work out where you need to go.

You can book a Melbourne Airport transfer right here!

It operates every day of the year, from morning to midnight, and will take you to and from any major hotel and backpackers in the Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, South Yarra or Fitzroy.

You will need to pre-book at least 48 hours in advance!
Melbourne Airport Shuttle

The Airport Shuttle will pick up and drop off at Tullamarine International Airport, T2, Domestic terminals T3 (Virgin Blue), T1 (Qantas). Tiger passengers need to walk the few hundred meters to the Virgin Blue Terminal. Pick up and drop off times are arranged to coincide with your arrival flight times!

  • Book a transfer from Tullamarine Airport to your hotel.
  • Book a transfer from your Hotel to Tullamarine Airport
  • The Melbourne Airport shuttle is easy to find. You will meet the driver after you picked up your luggage. He or she will take you to one of their modern mini coaches or buses, drives into Melbourne and drops you off at your hotel. The journey from Tullamarine takes about 25 minutes to the city.

    After a long flight you’d appreciate such a service and will be glad not to have to lug your luggage around as well. It is well priced and not much more than the public bus. However, there is a small fee for excess luggage.

    The airport shuttle is highly recommended and has an excellent reputation. Travellers’ experiences are positive. The service is hassle free, buses are easy to locate, and drivers are friendly and helpful – even when flights were delayed. You also get an enjoyable drive and a free introduction to Melbourne.

    Other Melbourne Tullamarine Airport Transfer Options

    An alternative to the Melbourne airport shuttle is the Skybus. This service leaves every 10 minutes for most part of the day, and a bit less frequently at night. You buy tickets for this at the airport. It takes you to the Southern Cross Transit Centre in Spencer Street.

    From there you can change into a mini-bus that will take you without any extra cost to any CBD hotel. You can also link up with the public transport – tram and train network from there.

    It is a good option, if you did not manage to book your transfer in advance. However, the little money you save is offset by the extra time and hassle of connecting with another bus. This service also will not take you to St Kilda, South Yarra or Fitzroy!

    The airport is a fair way out of the city and a taxi from the airport is expensive. However, it beats the shuttle bus price if at least three of you are travelling together.

    Transfers from Avalon Airport

    Avalon airport is even further from the city and taxi rides very expensive. However, every flight to and from Avalon is met by an inexpensive Sunbus service that takes you to the Southern Cross Transit Centre. From there you can connect into the Melbourne Public Transport system or catch a cab.

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