Sun Protection for Melbourne Weather

In spring & summer sun protection is vital in Melbourne weather. Sun radiation is much stronger than in the northern Hemisphere.

However, with natural sun protection you can protect yourself safely from sunburn.

Compared to Europe or the US, there is a much clearer sky in Melbourne, and sun radiation that is much more intense.

You will get sun-burnt much more quickly. It is important to be aware of this and protect yourself adequately:

Avoid being in the full sun between 11am and 3pm. It is better to find some shade at that time

If you can’t avoid the sun over lunchtime, it is best to cover up with protective clothing and a hat. Also, protect your eyes with a good pair of sun glasses. If you can’t avoid being exposed to the full sun, a sunscreen can give you protection.

However, be careful with commercial sunscreens. They are full of chemicals, which themselves can be the cause serious health problems. Check this article for some interesting insights into this.

Natural Sun Protection

There are natural sun protection products that are safe and without these side effects.

An effective sunscreen and protection against UV rays is green tea. You will find it in many natural sun-protection products. Other natural sun-protection ingredients include titanium oxide and zinc oxide, vitamin C and moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera and jojoba and shea butters.

Natural sunscreens are safe to use. We use zinc based ones from the health food shops. But make sure you read the label, many are still use chemical agents. If you find chemical names on the label, that is what you get.

Sun protection from the inside out also prevents skin problems and protects your skin from the sun. You will get such protection from antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamin E.

Sun and Vitamin D

Some sun exposure is important. Our bodies need sun to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to skeletal problems.

During autumn and winter in Melbourne weather, it is not necessary to use sun protection. 20-30 minutes of sun per day on your face, arms and hands are essential for vitamin D production.

During summer, you will produce enough vitamin D levels in just a few minutes in the sun.

Best advice is to stay healthy, take regular antioxidants and keep fit, - and enjoy the sun in moderation. Be aware of the strong Melbourne sun.

Melbourne weather will give you plenty of opportunity to be outdoors, walking, cycling, or just enjoying yourself.

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