Campervan Hire Melbourne

Campervan hire Melbourne includes a wide range of campervan types and styles.

You can get some good campervan rental deals - for a round trip or one way trips to another Australia destination.

You can hire a campervan for as little as a few days to visit places around Melbourne, such as Wilsons Promontory, the Grampians, Gippsland, the Great Ocean Road or the Goldfields.

Or you can travel Australia by campervan - a great way to see this vast country! Campervan travel gives you independence. (Public transport will only get you from town to town and you will miss out on Australia's natural wonders.)

With a campervan you can access the beautiful Australian countryside and stay at your leisure. There are beaches, cliff-lined coasts, cute towns, National Parks, lakes and forests to enjoy.

You can go wherever you like, pull up virtually anywhere and be in nature rather than reliant on hotels or tourist accommodation.

Why to Travel Australia by Campervan?

With a campervan you have flexibility and freedom! You don't have to book accommodation. You can be as secluded as you like or spend time at popular spots.

You can be right in nature - putting out your table and chairs on a beach or in a national park amongst the birds and wallabies… You cannot beat this!

Campervan hire Melbourne is an affordable way to travel. The hire and petrol cost are generally cheaper than staying in an average hotel.

You will have your bed, kitchen and fridge set up - catering for yourself is easy and convenient. (It is easier than travelling with a tent - you don't have to put up a tent or find a cooking spot.)

Disadvantages of Campervan Travel

Petrol costs are obviously higher in a campervan compared to a car. Campervans can also be bulky, depending on their size, and not as easy to navigate through narrow roads.

Another option is to just hire a car - you can hire cars with tent and camping equipment - and travel lighter that way.

Nevertheless, there is something romantic and Australian about a campervan. All your belongings with you, just to be able to pull up and chill out…

Where to Stay

Away from the populated areas, you can usually find a free camp spot to pull up for the night. That way, you can avoid having to pay for accommodation.

However, it can be dark and lonely in the Australian bush and you may prefer to pull up at a camp ground where you can hook into power and have a hot shower.

In the National Parks you will also find bush camping grounds that are somewhere in between, cheap and a great alternative.

Note: from Christmas through to the end of January, and also at Easter, many Melburnians holiday in Victorian camp spots. It can be hard to get into a camp ground, especially around New Years.

Also, in the main holiday season, campervans get booked out. Make sure to book ahead, so you will get what you want when travelling during those times.

Campervan Hire Melbourne Companies

With campervan hire Melbourne you have a choice between the major campervan companies, like the Maui or Britz campervans, or you can go with one of the smaller Australian campervan rental companies.

Big campervan companies are reliable and established - you know exactly what you will get. Their campervans are relatively new and in good condition. It is generally easier to arrange a one way campervan trip as they are located around Australia.

Their prices are comparatively high though, and the service can be impersonal. It took us a couple of hours just to pick up a main brand campervan in Melbourne, but this varies.

On the other hand, there are local campervan hire companies that offer something particularly Australian and allow you to drop your van off at many different Australian destinations.

You can get brightly painted cheap campervans in flowery hippy-styles… Local companies are generally much cheaper for the same quality van - and there are genuine budget options.

Usually, all you will need for your trip, including outsides tables and chairs, is on board of your campervan. Check that all you need is included when booking your van.

What Type of Campervan to Hire

The smallest campervans are two seater vans. Then there are family models that seat and sleep five (with a squeeze), and there are the more luxurious bigger campervans of the size of a small truck.

You can get basic budget versions, comfortable air-conditioned campers, or luxury campervan hire Melbourne with your own toilet and shower.

You can also get 4WD Campervans, which are a pretty good idea if you are going bush or into the outback, or anywhere off-roads.

Always check the restrictions on any hire agreement. Many campervans can only be driven on sealed roads or not in certain areas, which can defeat the purpose if you want to explore the real Australia.

You might even be looking for motorhome hire Melbourne. There are some very large campervans that resemble the ‘American’ motor home, but generally Australian campervans are smaller.

Driving comfort also influences which size caravan to get. We drove a large campervan through Tasmania. Driving up and down the narrow winding roads into the mountains was quite a challenge with the big vehicle (I'm not a truck driver).

Also, the larger the vehicle, the higher the petrol costs. Petrol is generally cheaper in the main cities - fill up there!

Make sure to check, if your campervan is a manual or automatic - so you can stay within your comfort zone (you have to drive on the left side of the road in Australia!)

Which campervan to get really depends on your budget, sense of adventure and need for comfort. But make sure you get a reliable van that will be able to do what you want it to do. Sometimes it pays to pay just a bit more.

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