What is a Melbourne Boutique Hotel?

A Melbourne Boutique Hotel has inherited its term from a trend that began in the 1980s in London, New York and San Francisco.

Boutique here is not a small accessories or clothing shop, but refers to another definition of boutique: a small business offering specialised products and services.

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Boutique hotels tend to be luxurious, small and individual. They specialise in providing personalised services, such as spas, intimate restaurants and other life style facilities. They often are furnished in a particular theme or style; many have outstanding architectural and interior design.

Their unique selling proposition is distinction, warmth and intimacy. There are also ‘green’ and city ‘bed and breakfast’ boutique hotels.

Boutique hotels want to engage and ‘surprise’ you. They tend to target the creative discerning younger traveller with money to spare, willing to pay for life style, or simply those who like to be ‘cool’. It is ‘in’ to stay in a boutique hotel.

Melbourne view of Yarra

At their best, they are an inspiration and successful new paradigm for a hotel - you can feel at home there rather than being in an anonymous institution. These are hotels with a passion, a new language and a high level of personalised service – where even the staff is interesting and a special connection can be established with them.

However, because of its popularity with the young traveller, the term boutique hotel has of course been high jacked by those wanting to cash in on a trend, such as larger hotel chains and budget hotel operators trying to cash in on some unique building feature. Make sure you know what type of Melbourne boutique hotel you are getting yourself into. It is all about choice and style.

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