Australia Working Visa - Skilled Migration

It is not hard to get an Australia working visa!

If you are under 45, skilled and experienced in one of the many industries required, life in Australia welcomes you with open arms.

Australia is a great country. It is beautiful, with good weather, space and opportunities.

It is multicultural – welcoming and accepting of diverse ethnicities, evident by its broad spectrum of food, music and celebrations.

Australia's immigration schemes are encouraging people moving to Australia with the promise of a good life, good education and a stable political system.

As a country, Australia has kept young and largely avoided the problem of an aging populace because of its population growth brought about by its active migration policies. This has made Australia a relatively stable economy over the recent years.

The Skilled Migration Program

The Skilled Migration Program is one of the most popular ways of gaining a Australia working visa. It is designed to fill Australia's chronic skills and labour shortage in the trades, building and engineering professions - especially in the mining sector.

The list of demanded skills is long. Doctors and Nurses are especially needed and wanted. In some professions you are required to work in regional Australia for a few years before you are free to move to the more popular cities such as Melbourne

You qualify for the Skilled Migration Program via a point system. You need to have skills and work experience in one of the listed occupations, need to be between 18 and 45 years old and speak good English – all adding up to a certain amount of points needed.

You will also need a character and health check to apply for this visa. However you don't require sponsorship by an employer. Once approved, you and any dependent family members will be able to live as permanent residents in Australia.

That means you can live and work anywhere on a permanent basis, or study in Australia at school or university and can receive all social benefits of a resident.

If you are young, skilled and able, the Skilled Migration Program makes it relatively easy to get an Australia working visa. You can apply directly via this website and dont even need an Australian Immigration Lawyer – although they can make the process more smoothly for you.

After a four-year period of sponsored immigration, you will have the option to stay permanently. Australia does welcome you with open arms.

The Pitfalls of Skilled Migration

Great idea, but skilled migration does not guarantee employment in your field of expertise.

In fact, because of lack of local experience, a large percentage of skilled migrants end up under-employed or unemployed. It is not rare to find a qualified doctor or engineer driving taxi or cleaning. This, together with the disconnection from family, can make the new life in Australia difficult.

There is a new organisation - the Association of Skilled Migrants - that supports people with overseas skills who have not been able to establish themselves in their profession in Australia. Their purpose is to improve the integration and participation of skilled migrants in society and community, so that these can be fully utilised - and, according to the organisers, a lot of Australias skills shortage would be solved by this.

Dont Qualify for Skilled Migration?

If you don't qualify for the Skilled Migration Visa, all is not lost. There are also various types of working visa you can get that involve sponsorship by an employer.

If you are under 30 and from an eligible country, you have the possibility of living and working in Australia for a year with the Australia Working Holiday Visa.

Another option is to migrate with an Australian business visa, which encourages cashed up business people to set up business in Australia.

If you really want to come and live here, there are many ways of making it go right.

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